Children Gardening UPDATE!


Do be warned: Gardening can become an insatiable urge!

Children who garden quickly become
teens obsessed with growing food!

Food for their families.
Food for their neighbors.
Food for the local food bank.

So be aware of what you’re getting into when you give your toddler their own set of child-sized gardening tools and their own little plot of land to dig in and grow things. It will grow into an epidemic! (Here’s to hoping) 

4 responses to Children Gardening UPDATE!


    Thank you for sharing this humorous post with a serious message, Gina!



      So glad you enjoyed it! It still makes me laugh out loud… especially the heritage seeds. Cracks me up. Yes let’s get our kids (and grandkids) gardening! It turns them in to farmers! Great to hear from you here Russ. Hugs, Gina