10 Useful Tips for Every Gardener


This wonderful blog has nearly 2000 followers so while many have seen this, I cannot resist reposting to my own humble blog. He has filled this article with amazing tips, an important update on GMO’s and the Farm Bill, a great link to his wife’s beautiful works, as well as photos from their garden. May you enjoy!

Two Barn Farm

Here’s a list of my tips to grow more veggies, keeps animals away, water the right way and more!

  1. Make plant markers by using an old mini blind. Take the slats, cut them with scissors and use a Sharpie. Go to Goodwill if you don’t have any. You can get one for .50 cents.
  2. Keep deer away from your garden by using human hair. I save my clippings when I buzz my head or you can go to your local hairdresser and ask for hair, they may look at you weird but they’re happy to get rid of it. Sprinkle it around the perimeter and replace every couple weeks or after a big rain.
  3. Use coffee grounds to fertilize your soil. Go to a local coffee shop and ask for their spent grounds. They save them at my shop for gardeners and have a sack behind the counter.
  4. If starting…

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    Thank you Russ! I loved this post and was eager to share it as I am still working on a couple to go up hopefully tomorrow. Hugs, Gina