More plastic bottle uses!

Here are some more clever and thought-provoking ideas of ways we can re-purpose those plastic bottles and jugs. I find the ‘lightbulb’ idea to be brilliant and will be incorporating a couple of these ‘lightbulbs’ for my dark shed. And the food bag seal is easy! Are there any ideas here that you have tried, or are going to try out? I welcome your comments and feedback! 

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Amazingly clever! A headlamp around a jug of water creates ambient light for your tent and a great lamp when the power is out. 

Why use electricity? When you have this: 

Another article tells how a 2-liter bottle of water in the roof provides as much light as 50-watt light bulb!


Here are some more ideas for including repurposed bottles in our homes and gardens (and out of our landfills!) 


10 thoughts on “More plastic bottle uses!

  1. Love the re-uses here. Particularly fond of the headlamp lantern as summer storms often mean power out for us – lanterns make for good reading. Also love the roof. Nice collection.

      1. Thank you for your sweet inquiry – it means so much. Bless your heart. I have just posted on my other blog and thanks to friends like you I am feeling better and new posts here are imminent! You mean so much to me! Hugs, Gina

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