What We Eat is Vital


Know the importance of purchasing, cooking, serving, and eating food that “remembers where it came from”. The huge movement of Farm-to-Table happening right now is telling us something. Let’s be sure to listen, learn, and make our own informed choices. The right to access unaltered food is a basic human right. If we cannot grow our own, let’s be sure to support those organic farmers and ranchers doing all they can, in an uphill battle, to provide us with natural food.

Here is a printable list for helping you make informed decisions when shopping so that you know which products do or do not contain GM products (click to open new page):  Guide for Shoppers (PDF)

Most people don’t know what’s in the food they eat every day. Although the recognized brands of packaged foods, salad dressings, canned goods, soft drinks, and snack foods may look the same as always, their contents have radically changed. They now contain something new and unfamiliar — genetically engineered ingredients.

“Genetically Altered Foods and Your Health” written by Ken Roseboro, examines how genetic engineering is radically changing our food – at great risk to human health and the environment – and answers these questions:
~ Why are scientists genetically altering foods?
~ What genetically engineered foods are you eating?
~ Are genetically engineered foods safe?
~ Why aren’t GE foods labeled?

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10 responses to What We Eat is Vital


    GMOs are so scary. And I really like the poster: Eat less crap, eat more food! Great post, Gina.


      I agree completely Cathy! Scary indeed. I know I already posted about GMO’s a little while back, but I cannot stop thinking about the fact that we really need to spend a little more and buy organic – for ourselves and for the farmers! Thanks so much dear friend.


    Wow. Great series of resources there. Love the CRAP mnemonic. Thanks for sharing!


    Thanks for sharing this. 🙂


    Thank you, Gina, for this enlightening and thought-provoking post!


    Awesome post! I definitely agree and always seem to explain this to people when they think that being healthy means spending too much money. It is even clearly evident with children. My little boy eats healthy vegan food and has never had antibiotics while many others around him that eat sugar and processed food are usually the first to get sick. The misinformation and lifestyle of eating seems to get passed on, & I hope that this will change 🙂


      Yes you are so right, and while I am not vegan as you admirably are, I always spend the few extra dollars to buy meat from a local butcher who carries free-range organic. Same with eggs. It’s the least we can do! If we can get the information out there about supporting our right to access non-GMO, whole, organic, local foods, I believe more and more people will make the right choices. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! 😀