Don’t eat that!


Another brilliant post from Veggiewitch, a very popular blogger for good reason! I’ve enjoyed and learned a lot from her, from vegan recipes to wonderfully humorous stories of family life. This poster is perfect and I just had to share it around. With much gratitude, Gina


Don't eat that!

This! And my wise, old Oma used to say: “If you can’t pronounce it, you probably shouldn’t eat it either.” Words to live by.

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    Thank you so much, my friend. ♥
    It is a true pleasure to have a post reblogged by you.
    *squishy, squashy hugs*
    Veggiewitch ♥


    My grandmother, a farmer’s wife, would say if you can’t grow it yourself, you don’t need to eat it. She grew everything; preserved everything (canning to freezing); and was generous in sharing. Thanks, Gina, for your sweet remembrance of grandmothers’ advice.


      Thank you so kindly. I too remember how well my mother’s mother preserved everything. I feel I depend too much on my freezer and intend to can more. Remembering our grandmother’s ways is a big inspiration to me. Thanks for your great comment!