Inexpensive Holiday Décor from Nature


greenery on cake standsAt this festive time of the year it’s especially nice to add extra cheer to our homes for welcoming friends and family. It’s also a terrific time to share a few easy craft (and non-craft!) projects with friends and the young people in our lives. So let’s gather some pinecones and get started! 

Please note that the best place to gather pinecones is on your own property, with the next best being a friend or family member’s yard. Next to that would be asking a neighbour who has some extra pinecones around their coniferous trees if you could have some. And then you can gather a few in a public park, but never collect anything from a protected National Park.

One more note is that while winter is a dormant time for trees and not a good time for pruning, the occasional snipped branch will not harm a healthy tree. Sometimes we have to do it, as I discovered recently. When double-checking my property perimeter in preparation for Trick or Treaters coming on October 31st, I discovered one of my spruce trees had a couple of branches that were hanging over the sidewalk a bit too low. While the shorter youngsters would skip along underneath it, I wouldn’t want an accompanying parent (or any pedestrian) to have their hair brushed by a wayward branch on my property! So although we had a foot of snow on the ground already, I had to snip a couple of branches. They are reserved under the trunk. Being kept fresh by the cold temperatures, I will bring a bit inside, give it a good rinse clean, and turn it into some festive decor as inspired by these images. Do be sure to rinse any branches or pinecones brought indoors for decorating.  

Here are some delightful and inexpensive ideas randomly sourced off the internet for bringing a bit of the outdoors in and celebrating the wonderful world of nature, year round. May you be inspired. 

pinecone decorcedar on a trayevergreens card displaycitrus and greeneryrustic swag

pinecone swag

mittens and pinecones

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    What a beautiful and festive presentation! Sharing on Facebook.

    emocrippled 2012-11-18 at 1:52 pm

    Reblogged this on emocrippled.


    Loved, loved, loved all your ideas, but I really have to try the white painted pots with moss. They’re beautiful.


    I love pine cones, and decorate with them every Christmas. These are lovely examples of decorating with nature in mind. Thanks for sharing them!


    These are great ideas and really visually stunning!

    Door wreathes are also a wonderful welcome for visitors at Christmas. Every year in my town I go to a wreath making class and make my very own natural wreath. It takes an hour or two but is one of the most satisfying afternoons you can spend.

    The class is run by a local florist and she gathers moss and small branches, dries up orange peel and apples and provides ribbons and adornments so each wreath can be as individual as its maker. She takes us through each step leading us towards our own wreath-tastic conclusion and with a little TLC the wreath will last way into the new year.

    The hard part is actually having to take it down!


      Thank you for this great comment! Yes I love wreaths so much I thought I’d do a post just on them soon. It is incredibly satisfying and the opportunities for variety and texture are really endless. That sounds like a delightful class with a very creative instructor! And yes, at the end of the season it’s disheartening to have to remove it… so then it’s time to make a new one to celebrate a new season 🙂 I adore spring wreaths too! Thanks again for your nice visit.

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