Woodsy Playland to Make Yourself

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Source mysmallpotatoes.com

This idea is so inexpensive and yet so incredibly creative and good for children that I am excited to pass it along here. It’s easy to create and would make a wonderful gift idea! With several drops of essential oil of Pine and green food coloring added to our homemade Play-Dough along with a few little toy animals, some pinecones and a couple of tiny trees, children can enjoy hours of play. This is an excellent opportunity for offering education about local wildlife and their habitats.  

The clever and creative blogger, Arlee, at My Small Potatoes, makes her blog look beautiful, and is a consistent source of inspiration. Her focus is on creative, loving childcare ideas for her 6 children as well as the other children who are lucky enough to be a part of her home and life during weekdays in her dayhome.

pinedoughplay mysmallpotatoes.com

Source mysmallpotatoes.com

Her photography and her ideas are incredible. This post is a shout-out about her, and especially this post of hers on creating Pine-Scented Play-Dough for children to enjoy a little bit of the outdoors, inside.

I highly recommend a visit to her gorgeous blog. Clicking on either of the links I’ve provided will bring you over to her wonderful site. It will certainly add some cheer to your day! It does for me with every visit.

Thank you Arlee! Cheers to you, from Gina

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