Winter Nature Activities with Kids


I adore this blog and her latest post is especially worth sharing! Whether we are getting outdoors with our little ones, or just to get some cold fresh air and entertain our own ‘inner child’ her tips here on fun things to do outside really resonate with me and help encourage us all to bundle up and enjoy some winter activities. I’m sure you’ll enjoy, and be sure to visit her other posts as well. Thanks to Cedar Ring Mama for your wonderfully clever blog!

Cedar Ring Mama

I’ve been making plans for the second half of the school year… winter won’t keep us cooped up in the house with all these fun things to do during our nature walks!

Winter Buds

Now that the leaves of deciduous trees have fallen, it’s a great time to identify trees by their twigs and buds.  Try hunting for “rainbow twigs” – the yellowish twigs of the willow; reddish twigs of the hornbeam, silver maple, or red osier; and the green of the dogwood and sassafras.  Collect brown twigs of nearby trees and play a twig matching game once back inside after taking two of each type of twig from the trees you visited during your nature walk or outdoors time.  Here is a great resource for identifying trees by their twigs and buds. Notice the buds and leaf scar formations of the different trees; older children can sketch these in a “tree journal” (blank main lesson book dedicated…

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