Adding a little zest to the holidays

2013-01-02 — 6 Comments

Jean-François has done it again! More excellent tips on reducing food waste, and since my last post was about enjoying freshly-squeezed lemon juice in warm water to start our days, I wanted to share this brilliant idea for saving and using those peels. Thanks so much to Jean-François, and if you’ve not visited him yet I’m sure you’ll enjoy. And check out his App for making zero-waste meals! Cheers, Gina

222 million tons

Now that the Mayan calendar’s 14th Baktun has started with no hitches, it seems that there’ll be a 2013 after all – and the really good news (assuming the Values Institute at DGWB is better at predicting things than doomsday sites) is that food waste consciousness will be the top 2013 trend (with “meatless mainstreaming” coming in at number 4). Beth Hoffman, in an article she wrote for Forbes, seems to concur, listing food waste, humane animal treatment and food labelling as three issues of great importance that have finally made it into mainstream American consciousness.

It’s about time.

So, now that we’re all on the cusp of heightened food waste consciousness, I expect a few people will want to be making New Year’s resolutions to waste less, and if you’re looking for ways to do that, this article on is a good place to start.

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6 responses to Adding a little zest to the holidays


    Thanks, Gina, for directing me, here!!! You are right… awesome!!!!


      I downloaded his app. Looks great! You are right… this is exactly the kind of thing I would love to share. I’ll be taking a blogging break shortly, but I’ll have this ‘on my list’ for when I come back. Thanks for the heads up! 🙂


        This means so much! Having it on your ‘to do list’ is awesome. I feel this is a wonderfully worthy App that your readers will enjoy, and I think his vision is far reaching and can help us all toss less in landfills with a bit more forethought and planning. Hugs of gratitude to you! 🙂 Oh, and best wishes for a wonderful break. Looking forward to seeing your always entertaining and educational posts upon your return! ~Gina


      I am delighted that you agree! Thank you dear heart, for being You! 🙂


    Thanks very much for the reblog, and the kind words.


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