A Fun Snowy Activity


snowman-headstandWhen life gives us lemons, optimists make lemonade. And when life dumps snow on us, we shape it into people and call them ‘snowmen’!

Here are photos of funny and helpful snowmen, offering chuckles and maybe even some treats for the animals living out in the snow. The next time you build a snowman with your kids or grandkids (or heck, just because you want to) decorate it with edible items for the birds and other winter animals. Then grab the binoculars and watch from the window!

snowman with birdsShaped suet balls for eyes, whole peanuts for buttons, dried corn on the cob for teeth, a necklace of sunflower seeds or popcorn or dried cranberries… you get the idea! Bundle up, bring an old scarf and hat, with a carrot for his nose, then find branches for arms and anything else for dressing him up. Share some laughs while having a bit of winter exercise. Let’s get inspired by these fun images.

snowman for birds

snowman for the birds

snowman_bird on nose

snowman nose rabbit

snowman nose donkey

deer meets snowman


12 responses to A Fun Snowy Activity


    I’m a real believer in making lemonade so I really enjoyed your photos. I couldn’t even choose the one I liked best because I really liked them all. As it has been snowing here all day, I especially enjoyed the timing of your post.


      Thanks so much for your wonderful comment Judy! I am delighted that the timing of my post helps. It’s so good to connect with another optimistic lover of ‘lemonade’ because there’s no help in lamenting the snow – it just keeps coming. Might as well have some fun with it 🙂


    Love these, Gina! Especially the bunny and the donkey! So cute! Our snow is so dry here, it’s hard to make snowpeople!


      Hi Cathy! I love those 2 as well. Yes we have to wait until the spring snows have enough moisture in them to stick together. Oh well, us high altitude gals can still be amused by these pics of sweet snowmen 🙂 Thanks for your visit! Hugs, Gina


    I had a smile on my face the whole time I sowly scrolled through these delightful photos, my friend. Thank you!


      Hello Russ! I know where you live you don’t get to play in the snow like this, so I am happy to share these fun images with you, my friend! I was hoping you’d get a kick out of this one 🙂 Thanks so much! Hugs, Gina


    Ha! What is that white stuff anyway? We don’t get any of that here.


    These remind me of a contest I held in my former town for the community to join it. Half the years there wasn’t enough snow. Times have changed as well as my location. Fun photos!


      Thanks so much for your great comment here, and I apologize for the delay in replying. I’ve been away from my computer for days! That sounds like a really fun contest. What a great community-building activity that would be ~ to make snow sculptures (or good ol’ snowmen). You’re so right about how weather is changing over the years, and sometimes it’s far too dry where I live to sculpt the snow, even when there’s lots of it! Cheers, Gina


    Adorable pictures!