Valentines Breakfast and Lunch Ideas

2013-02-13 — 13 Comments

valentine watermelon

Valentine’s Day is not reserved only for couples and romantics. Anyone can have fun preparing a fast and easy meal for starting the day off with a tug of the heart. Whether it’s for your kids or your parents, your significant other or your best friend, or your niece, cousin, or grandmother – these simple ideas are easy to do and send a gesture of love right to the heart!

Heart-shaped cookie cutters come in all sizes and can be found in baking or seasonal departments. As you’ll see here, tiny cutters can be used for cutting toast croutons for soups, vegetables for salads, or pepperoni and pepper slices for homemade pizzas! When my sons were toddlers I used my large heart-shaped cookie cutter to make heart toast (with red jam or jelly of course!) and sandwiches for lunchtime. I hope you feel inspired by these ideas. Best wishes for a heart-warming day!

heart fruit salad

Fruit Salad in a Heart Shape!

pink smoothie

Strawberry smoothie. Yum!

valentine toast

Red jam toast. Easy and adorable!

heart egg in toast

Fried Egg in Heart Toast!

heart pancakes

Heart-shaped pancakes!

valentine french toast

Easy French Toast with strawberry hearts!


Love the heart-shaped peppers too!

grilled cheese hearts

Any sandwich can be made heart-shaped,
but this looks especially delicious!

soup heart croutons

Love this idea of tiny heart toast croutons!

valentine soup

A creamy garnish atop red tomato soup!

Wow! Now this is really nice.Image:

Wow! Now this is really nice.

13 responses to Valentines Breakfast and Lunch Ideas


    Thanks for the inspiration! (and Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU!)


    Thank you for sharing these tasty ideas, Gina!


      Thank you Russ. So glad you enjoyed. Collecting these images made me hungry, but gave me great ideas for tomorrow’s special treats! Hugs, Gina


    Yum!!!! I wanna just make that smoothie manifest in my hand right now!


    Reblogged this on Professions for PEACE and commented:

    To help celebrate Valentine’s Day here are some adorable ideas for easy snacks to enjoy on a bright February day. Cheers!


    Love the heart shaped grilled cheese….my babies love grilled cheese. I know what we are having for supper tonight!


      Hooray! Heart-shaped grilled cheese for the wee ones 😀 So adorable, and healthy too. My lads loved those when they were little. Heck what am I saying? They still love them, only now I’d need most of a loaf to feed them!


    This was such a fun post and I am goofy enough to do all of those. Loved them.


    I’m too late for Valentine’s Day but every day can be a day of appreciation and love.


    Such great ideas–why do I never think of things like this.


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