Veggies Rock!

2013-04-03 — 16 Comments

I marvel at the simple wisdom in the words of a friend who recently shared that she’d read how vegetarians have been found to be more healthy than the rest of the general population not necessarily because they DON’T eat meat but rather because they DO eat loads of vegetables: steamed, sauteed, raw, roasted, baked and grilled. You name it, these smart people are celebrating vegetables! Let’s all take a bold step and try some new vegetables and grains that we’ve never tried before. Who knows how much you might LOVE these fresh veggies? And your body will thank you with vibrant health and energy! Cheers!

eat your veggies
Kale and best friend lemon
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16 responses to Veggies Rock!


    Love this post and veggies. They do rock!


    This is a great post. I started my son early on the veggie train. He actually prefers them over everything. I think he’s a future vegan. He’s very picky but he loves his fruit & vegetables. I’m thankful since most kids eat a bunch of sugary junk. ๐Ÿ™‚


      Hello and thanks for this excellent comment! I too started my sons early with veggies and they’re now in their 20’s and love all kinds of vegetable dishes… especially freshly grown organic salads! My hubby, whom I married late in life, grew up being allowed to simply not eat his veggies (my mom wouldn’t allow that) and he’s my challenge to not only educate but also disguise veggies in dishes where he doesn’t even notice (like pasta sauce for example). I’m so glad I started early with my sons. Good for you too! Hugs, Gina


    I eat steamed kale EVERY day of winter. Great post!


    Love! Not only the post, but veggies too. Staying away from animal meat — in the form that we normally get them, which is manufactured — has even bigger health benefits than we acknowledge: the world around us. We are HUGE greens eaters (kale, chard, spinach, bok choy, beet, arugula, turnip, mustard, collard…the list goes on!). Low in calories, high in nutrition, low in cost. Can’t beat ’em.

    Kale is a fav in this household. With a high-speed mixer, I puree kale with nuts, garlic and olive oil, place in ice tray portions and put in the freezer. Warm up the “cube” for 20 seconds in the microwave and spread onto your favorite bread or toast. Fresh and delicious every time. Cheers!


      Hello Shannon! Sorry for the tardy reply but I’ve been digging the snow off my garden beds (sadly I’m not even kidding – we’re having a rough spring up here!). KALE! Yum! The Food Network recently aired a 2-hr documentary called “Sick, Fat, and Nearly dead” about an Auzzie who came to the US to spend 60 days travelling around and educating others while he went on a juice fast, only he said it’s not really ‘fasting’ because he ate TONS (Ok not literally) of veggies every day, but they were easy to manage because they were juiced. Very cool what I’ve seen of it so far (recorded it and am watching it periodically). Watching him shop at Farmer’s Markets and buy oodles of gorgeous veggies and then operating his battery-powered juicer from the back of his vehicle was tremendously inspiring! As was the weight he lost and the health he regained. YOU and your blogs inspire me as well. Thanks for the visit! Hugs, Gina


        Oh that documentary is a good one. There are links to several more good ones on my GreensForGood blog in the Why Greens pages. “Dirt: The Movie” is all about me!! Probably you too, from what I know.

        Sorry about your delayed spring. It’s brilliant weather here — i know that doesn’t make it any better. Should be perfect for our school carnival on Friday.


          Actually it does make it better, and brings me a smile to know it’s brilliant weather somewhere, and that you’re having a school carnival. How fun! And I had a feeling you’d know about that program. I’ll be coming over to see those links on your blog! ๐Ÿ™‚


    I lOVE kale. It is one of my favorite crops every year! And I feel so virtuous when I eat it! Great post, Gina.


      Hi Cathy! Yes I love it too, and your word describing how you feel when you eat it is awesome: virtuous! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks Cathy. Hugs, Gina


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