Upcycled Lotion Bottle

2013-09-25 — 8 Comments

lotion bottle reused

Clever blogger Ashley has a ‘crazy little corner’ over at Make It and Love It where she diligently crafts miracles. Here’s a salute to her repurposing of an empty lotion bottle.

While she initially designed it to house charging cell-phones, after hundreds of reviews she added a disclaimer to use at your own risk and perhaps use it for a different purpose. One must of course be careful about keeping electricity and threads/glue away from each other.

It all sounds good to me Ashley! This is a delightful little holder that holds endless possibilities for organizational nirvana. Here’s to helping keep plastic out of landfills and into future ‘lives’ as something new and useful. I can easily imagine a row of them tacked to a corkboard holding all kinds of office needs, or on a wall in a workshop or garage holding a myriad of small parts (of course they could be more simple, without the final decorative touch. But to cut out the bottle into this shape is an awesome idea).

storage from plastic bottleLotion bottles are heavy plastic and last for many (MANY!) years if not recycled, so rather than use even more energy with the recycling process, why not upcycle them into a new life? A life that could last for many (MANY!) years.

I can’t help but think, wouldn’t this be a nifty Christmas stocking stuffer? Please visit her site through the links above. Let’s get inspired and make a few of these wee hanging storage units from various plastic bottles. Every little step like this helps make a bigger difference than we might realize!

8 responses to Upcycled Lotion Bottle


    Very clever and Eco-friendly.


    I like this idea, Gina. Thanks so much for sharing. Maybe some leftover contact paper would work and be safer for a phone charging holder?


      Oh my gosh Cathy! That is an excellent idea as a way to adhere a covering without worrying about HodgePodge and fabric and such. Thanks so much for sharing this comment! Cheers, Gina


    Gina, I get so excited about things like this! How creative. I am enjoying your blog. So glad I found it!! I appreciate all the likes and comments that you have given me on my blog. Yes indeed, it sounds like we are kindred spirits! You remind me a lot of Shannon from Texas at dirt and kids blog by the comments you two make.
    I started the blog mostly I think because I felt so alone, so many people just don’t do things like this. If the blog has taught me anything it’s that there are Ginas and Shannons out there, not only doing the same things but who are also excited about it. I’m so glad to have met you and found you here! Have a good day!! Talk to you soon!
    much love from Jennifer at militaryzerowaste


      Wow! Thank you for helping start my morning with a very happy laugh-out-loud moment, full of joy. How wonderful is this blogging world to help bring together such kindred spirits as Shannon, you and I? Hooray! I love how you shared here that blogging helps us feel less alone, as we realize there are many Jennifers and Shannons and Ginas out there who are working quietly away… reducing, reusing, recycling (and more). Here’s to expanding our cyber-family of support and cheering each other on. This is important work we are doing and a very important message to share: That we all can do this. Every person and every choice we make helps make a bigger difference than we may realize. Bless your heart, and we will definitely be talking soon! Until then, hugs from Gina xo


    What a great idea! This makes me think you’d be interested in MyBotto Inverted Bottle Holders – they prop lotion bottles upside-down so that gravity helps get every last drop out. I’m sure they’d come in handy when you want to completely empty your next lotion bottle for another creative upcycling project!
    Check them out here, they really work: https://shop.mybotto.com


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