Every Bit Helps


As we begin a new year, let’s remember how small steps add up!

echinacea-beeEvery item that is recycled

Every light turned off

Every bulb replaced with a high-efficiency bulb

Every pair of socks put on instead of turning up the heat

Every window shaded instead of turning on the air conditioning

Hands Holding VegetablesEvery biodegradable scrap composted

Every natural product selected

Every native wildflower planted

Every hardy, local tree planted

Every edible plant grown at home

Watering_cans 250Every garden watered with a rain barrel

Every houseplant watered with captured water

Every faucet closed when brushing your teeth

Every single meatless meal

Every animal appreciated and used entirely (Tip-to-Tail philosophy)

Every food item used up (planning & good leftovers = no wasted food)

Chicken Noodle SoupEvery farm-to-table restaurant ordered at

Every local producer supported

Every organic item purchased

Every shopping bag brought from home

canvas-bagEvery trip to the store walked or biked instead of driving

Every driving trip shortened or shared by planning ahead

Every garage sale item shared or repurposed

Every mall visit/impulse purchase resisted or avoided

Every possession’s life extended (buy quality/use forever)

Every library visited and every book cherished

Mother and Daughter Reading TogetherEvery game of cards, Frisbee, backgammon & hike that turns off the TV/video

Every time we take care of ourself with meditation and prayer, rest and exercise

Every marriage tended to and cared for with love

Every elder remembered and spent time with

Every child shown the example of kindness towards all

Every neighbour’s name learned and used in greetings

child gardens 300Every neighbourhood refreshened and revitalized

Every neighbourhood block party planned and celebrated

Every helping organization supported with time and dollars

Every time even one of these things happens, our world is brightened. These choices and gestures add up and make a huge difference. Let’s all do what we can and know we’re moving in the right direction! 

[Deepest gratitude for these randomly sourced images off the Internet] 

11 responses to Every Bit Helps


    Lovely. The world would be a much better place should we follow this advice. I had been thinking of you recently and wondered when you were going to post again, surprise to me you had been and WordPress had stopped notifying me. 😦 Happy New Year, it looks like I have some catching up to do.


      Hello Lois! It’s wonderful to have this chance to connect with you again. Life gets so busy sometimes (okay I allow it to get so busy) and I have missed our visits. I do spend a lot of time at my other blog, but always I’m thinking of posts for this one, watching how I do the 3-R’s through my days and all the little steps that add up… trying to think of how to share it in a post without repeating myself too much! 😉 Happy New Year to you dear heart, and I look forward to making my presence more known. 🙂 Blessings, Gina


        Gina, I too started a second blog and had a a vision for that one that I seem to have lost because I don’t want it to be a repeat of things already said, too often, or becoming boring. You will find a lot more environmental posts this year on my main blog.

        Good to talk to you again!


          Yes I can relate to the other blog we ‘seem to have lost’ as I worry about repeating myself 🙂 . I am really looking forward to reading your upcoming posts as I’ve enjoyed every bit of your blog. While I loved the previous look/theme, your new one is awesome too! Cheers, Gina


    Great list! I should have borrowed for my post. We are working on rain barrels this year. I could do more to inspire neighbors…they seem to be indoors-y types. Must get them out! Cheers, Gina. I’ve missed my northern compadre. Happy New Year!!


      Hello dear Shannon! My southern compadre! Happy New Year to you as well. And yes! Rain barrels! Hubby helped me salvage one I nearly wrecked last year from not emptying it in time for the sudden slam of winter, and it burst a seam (I have pants that can relate, especially after these holidays!). But we did what we could and banded it together and it survived this past summer, albeit a bit ragged-looking. So I emptied it this year which is hard to do. It seems so wasteful but there’s no where to ‘store’ the water without it freezing over winter. Oh the woes of living way up here 😉 . And neighbors – yes! – let’s continue to do what we can to inspire them, with role-modeling and more. Cheers! Gina


        You are too funny about your barrels! I’m using a black-plastic-bag-lined trash can which seems to be doing the trick. Use an electric pump to transport the water 50 feet away to my garden. Not very pretty, but entirely functional

        Looking so forward to more of your thoughtful posts. Please don’t drop off my blog reader for long. Now…if we can just get past these winter storms. It’s windy and 40 outside here…brrrrr. Had to put shoes on to go outside. Stay warm up there, Gina.


          Oh how you make me laugh… although I can definitely relate to the frustration of having to ‘put shoes on’ as I adore enjoying the barefoot season up here (all two weeks of it! Kidding). Ya I have to start wearing shoes around October. ANYWAYS let’s hope all these storms settle the heck down and let us continue preparing for spring 🙂 . Hugs to you Shannon! And bless your beautiful heart for understanding my absence. I’m back and keeping it that way.


    I can’t imagine a more perfect list. I’m better at some than others. The “others” will land under a magnet on my refrigerator. Thank you.


      Hello Janice! Thanks for the welcomed visit and for sharing comments. 🙂 Yes, I’m better at some than others too. A fridge list is a great idea! Cheers, Gina