Make The Pledge

nikkimiles.pledgeillustration (click image to visit)

Nikki Miles is a talented illustrator who urges us to ‘Do The Green Thing’. With this poster she playfully challenges us to take it easy on the meat with a pledge to eat more veg. I’m with you Nikki! Please click the links provided to visit her site and learn more about this delightful artist. 

nikki milesMake The Pledge by Nikki Miles:

With this playful painting, illustrator Nikki Miles is urging us to make a pinky promise to go easy on the meat and its carbon consequences and enjoy some veg instead.

“I don’t eat a lot of meat but I’m not strictly a vegetarian either,” says Nikki. “I have tried being a vegetarian in the past but I found it to hard to give up the odd bacon sandwich or roast dinner with beef gravy.  I only eat meat around once or twice a week because vegetables are yummy too! Eating more veg and less meat is a simple way to make a big difference to your health and the environment.”

7 responses to Make The Pledge


    Loved this, Gina! I’m working on eating less meat. I just started my first batch of Kimchi (Korean style fermented vegetables). I’ll let you know how it goes!
    Hugs, Cathy


      Good for you Cathy! Not only on embarking on eating less meat, but that you’re also making Kimchi. That is awesome! Yes please let me know how you and Peter like it. I’m sure it will be terrific. Big hugs, Gina


    Lovely art. I am a vegetarian and stocked a freezer with veggies to bide me over until the next gardening season.


      Yes isn’t her art playful and colorful? I love it. And thank heavens for freezers, right? That is until I can become a bona fide canner like my Grandmother was. 🙂 Thanks Lois! Gina


        My freezer is a life saver. I can’t believe I lived here two years without it.


          I know what you mean Lois! I agree that my freezer helps us enjoy veggies through out the year, and is a quick and easy way to quickly capture the harvest since so much produce freezes beautifully.