Another Peaceful Holiday

Cheryl Ratcliff

Art by Cheryl Ratcliff

The last of the ornaments and shiny balls have been packed away, the gifts both given and received have been noted in my journal, and I can now relax and reflect on another peaceful holiday.

An activity that brings me peace is packing everything carefully to be stored until next season. Unpacking my Christmas decorations is a December activity I cherish! If I were to come upon broken, damaged treasures it would be a sad way to start the holiday season. So I set myself up for success by taking care when packing it away.

Having moved beyond various sized cardboard boxes years ago, I sing the praises of tough plastic totes. Buy a well-made bin like this and it will last indefinitely. I do wish mine were clear like this one, and would buy this kind in the future, but my blue bins are great. Each has a length of masking tape neatly printed with CHRISTMAS on all four sides so contents can be identified from any side of the bin. Tissue paper is reused for wrapping and for packing. I also use old cookie tins, which help keep things from getting crushed. And I love our wrapping paper roll container. It’s really tough plastic and it snaps shut tightly to keep the paper dust-free while being stored in the garage.

For next year I’m going to try this idea I just found. While I don’t encourage buying plastic cups, we did years ago for a big backyard party we hosted. They came in a huge package and we had so many cups left over! Here’s a great idea for using them up and creating great ornament storage at the same time. Love it! Also how great are these cardboard egg cartons in a vintage crate? I’ve been wrapping lights around sections of cardboard for a while now, and it is an awesome tip. Helps raise our joy next season to not have any stressful tangles to deal with.

Here’s to many happy holidays with all our precious ornaments stored safely, both the treasures we’ve collected as well as ones passed down to us. May we package them carefully enough that this year’s ornaments can someday in the future be passed along from us. Let’s keep these tiny heirlooms (in the making) well stored and our inner peace will blossom.

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4 responses to Another Peaceful Holiday


    I have to admit, holiday decorating and un-decorating is not my favorite chore. But I love the idea for using egg cartons for fragile ornaments! I’ll have to remember this one!


      I hear you there. It can be tedious, but yes those egg cartons are a great idea! Now I have a reason for saving them all the time. 🙂 Thanks for your comment. Gina


    I have so few decorations I store them in CD boxes from Ikea. I also did away with wrapping paper by sewing some reusable bags in different sizes a few years ago. No need to worry about them getting wrinkled I simply toss them in the laundry before filling with a gift and I’m good to go.


      Another wonderful tip Lois! My eldest and I had lunch this past week and discussed how we’d both like to reduce the gift-giving amounts. I prefer the memories and food and laughter and games. I love the idea of making fabric gift bags to reuse. We reuse stockings, why not fabric gift bags? Very clever. Thanks my friend! Gina