Festive Chinese Décor

by Tom Brown

Art by Tom Brown

Here’s some simple yet festive décor ideas using things you may already have. I love multi-purpose items like dishes and tablecloths!

Red and Gold are traditional colours for the Chinese New Year but use whatever colours make you feel good and go with your current home décor.

My open living and dining space is accented with orange and blue so rather than traditional red I prefer highlighting the season with a bowlful of fresh oranges and blue Asian dishes, among other things.

If you do decorate with red, a tablecloth in this bold colour can be used for events throughout the year such as Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, birthdays and Christmas.

My one grapevine wreath has ornamentation added and removed for holidays throughout the year.  I live in a small space and the wreath accessories take up so much less space than multiple wreaths would.

decor chinese kiss drink umbrella 300I threw a tropically themed party last year and the package of tiny drink umbrellas had lots left over. A drink umbrella parasol opened all the way and inserted into a chocolate Kiss? I love this idea! Tape or glue a piece of paper with a fortune on it and that’s just awesome.

decor chinese n y idea flower tea pot smCheck local second-hand shops for Chinese plates, bowls, and teacups. You might find a teapot with an Asian design that would be lovely with a few flowers tucked in. Whatever you find around your home to put flowers into, it brightens moods to have freshly cut flowers around. 

jar-of-flowers smIf your blooms are not from your own garden, try to buy from an organic grower if you can. Otherwise I still encourage us to bring home flowers from the grocery store, if only once in a while. For this holiday avoid white flowers and use the brightest blooms you can find!

decor fortune cookies 250wx300While I’m not a big fan of eating fortune cookies, I think they’re a great idea for inexpensive décor. An apothecary-style vase like this will be mine one day but for now I may fill a clear vase or a big Mason jar with fortune cookies.

decor oranges small bowlOranges – Ya gotta have em! Keep fresh oranges in your house. Eat them and encourage every one to eat their oranges! Peel them. Cut them up. Juice them. Toss segments in salads. Give them to guests. Take them to work. Be sure to have a fresh bowlful for next Friday, the Chinese New Year welcoming the Horse.

Source 1 [remaining 5 images from Google.com]

3 responses to Festive Chinese Décor


    I do the same with my throw pillows that you do with your wreaths. Living in a small apartment I don’t have a lot of storage options so I simply make slip covers for the pillows and change them out with the season.

    As for fruit, doesn’t matter what kind my boys and now my grandchildren can’t say no to a piece of fresh fruit.

    I have always wanted to try a bit of orange in a room with blue but wasn’t sure if I would like it. I settled for red and a very little bit of yellow as my accents.


      Lois, those colors sound sunshiny and wonderful! Orange isn’t easy to decorate with at first but my mother had given me a hand-blown large glass vase and then I found a mate for it at an antique store years ago, so I work with these 2 vibrant glass vases/sculptures. Lots of blue works to help balance it as they are opposite each other on the color wheel. And isn’t it wonderful your sons and grandkids love fruit. I raised my boys that way too, with loving salads. And pillowcases to change over the forms IS like the wreath tip: one big ‘form’ and the ‘accessories’ can be neatly tucked away between seasons. Love it! 🙂 Gina

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