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Art by Elaine Plesser

Art by Elaine Plesser

So What’ll It Be? Wine or Welch’s?

Pure grape juice is amazing to me. I enjoy dark grape juice every evening out of a lovely, large red wine glass. It is absolutely delicious to me, if but a bit on the sweet side. I like to add cold, filtered water to my two or three daily glasses. My life is so much more joyful and healthy now that I choose Welch’s over wine.

So the next time you’re having guests over, I warmly encourage you to be an extra thoughtful host and be prepared for people like me who would love to be offered a nice glass of ‘faux wine’ at the same time you’re offering your red wine. I’ll toast to that! 

Health Benefits of Unfermented Grapes

“Purple grape juice contains the same powerful disease-fighting antioxidants, called flavonoids, that are believed to give wine many of its heart-friendly benefits. These flavonoids have been shown to prevent the oxidation of so-called bad cholesterol (LDLs, or low-density lipoproteins) that leads to formation of plaque in artery walls. Grape juice can also lower the risk of developing the blood clots that lead to heart attacks.

Grapes Painting by Unknown Artist from

Grapes painting by unknown Artist

“So can red wine, but in this case grape juice is the more practical way to go: ‘Wine only prevents blood from clotting [when it’s consumed] at levels high enough to declare someone legally drunk,’ says researcher John Folts, Ph.D. ‘With grape juice, you can drink enough to get the benefit without worrying about becoming intoxicated.’ What’s more, alcoholic drinks don’t seem to improve the function of cells in blood vessel linings the way grape juice does.

“And alcohol generates free radicals – unstable oxygen molecules that can actually cause damage to blood vessel tissues – dampening any of the benefits that red wine’s antioxidants may offering… [And] the antioxidants in grape juice appear to linger in the body longer than do those in wine… alcohol hastens the breakdown of the antioxidant in the blood, speeding its elimination from the body.” ~ Excerpts from: WebMD “What’s The Buzz About Grape Juice”

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