Candy-free St Paddy’s Crafts

Art by Darlene Fletcher

Art by Darlene Fletcher

First of all, because this post is especially aimed at children (and for every one of us and our ‘inner child’) my work of art to share with this post is a painting of a pony named ‘Lucky’ enjoying some sweet four-leafed clover.

Who doesn’t love a fuzzy pony? My own child within can just feel that soft fuzzy neck eager for pats! Thank you to the talented Darlene Fletcher. All her artwork makes me feel happy. Click image to view this painting and visit her gallery at Fine Art America. 

On to sharing today’s slideshow. I’m so inspired! These ideas of easy-to-make crafts and gifts to share with others prove that we never have to resort to giving bags of candy to amuse and entertain the little ones (or kids of all ages… is my husband reading this far?).

Everyone becomes a little Irish around the middle of March, right? And how much fun is it to celebrate by sharing an easy, creative gift with a friend, neighbour, co-worker, or of course your family members. Spread a little extra sunshine in someone’s life today. 

So, in the interest of keeping our joy levels UP and unnecessary stress levels really low, here’s some advance notice so we can visit the Dollar store in the next few days amidst our other errands, and gather leftover supplies around the house, to bring whatever one of these ideas sparks your creativity to life. Have fun!

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Check my link to reach the sources of all these clever ideas! Enjoy.