Good Ol’Sober Saint Pat

2014-03-14 — 12 Comments

Sober Saint Patrick ~ Just imagine it: a sober St. Patty’s Day celebration!

Keep Calm and Lepre ChaunOh yes, I did. I just dared to suggest we can have a ton of fun celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day without suffering from a hangover the next day. Okay sure, there may be a long-standing stereotype about the hard drinking habits of  the Irish (which may or may not have truth in it) but let’s embrace the fact that the Irish also love TEA!

Irish Breakfast TeaMind you who doesn’t enjoy a tasty cuppa tea? Of course it was them who brought the world the popular Irish Breakfast Tea! So with your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, keep an open mind for stocking (or bringing!) different beverage options for your party such as a variety of tea, and the brands of beer demonstrated in the click-open slideshow.

I personally applaud how far non-alcoholic beers have come over the last few years. If there’ll be beer served at your party, or the one you’re attending, splurge on quality European NA beer (Non-Alcoholic) as a smart option. Hey if you enjoy whiskey with moderation, go for it! Beer? Ditto. Whether you do or don’t drink, provide nice alternatives and encourage people to know that there are options. Especially those everyday heroes disguised as designated drivers.

If you are one of those everyday heroes yourself, purchase a six-pack of these tasty treasures and cheers the night away. Here’s an extra hearty toast for you. Good on ya! My hat is off to you. Have an awesome time and role model for everyone how it’s done. Cheers! 

Sources for slideshow information:
The Best Non-Alcoholic Beer, by Brent Rose, September 2013
Best Non-Alcoholic Beers, by Jordan St. John, December 2013
Check out this entertaining NYT article that helps prove you can still enjoy taking in the pubs while travelling through Ireland even as a non-drinker: Drinkless in Ireland: Pubs but No Pints

Here’s my all-time favourite shout out for sobriety. As good ol’ rock n’ roller Kim Mitchell sings in this YouTube video, We might as well go for a soda; nobody hurts, and nobody cries… Might as well go for a soda, it’s better than slander; it’s better than lies!  Party sober. You’re up for it, and I say, Good on ya!

12 responses to Good Ol’Sober Saint Pat


    Love the idea, and love the music. Thanks for sharing.


    Recently, we went to a Super Bowl party and I brought a six-pack of sparkling water and interestingly, I had to guard it for myself because people were going for that over the wine and beer! I don’t drink sodas (don’t care for the sugar or artificial sweeteners or caffeine) but I love a good lemon flavored sparkling water. Next time I think I’ll bring a case! Great post, Gina!


      Hooray! What a wonderful comment Cathy. I’ve got a couple of posts in the works about welcoming and celebrating all kinds of NA beverages, and cheering on those who make those choices. I love that everyone wanted one of yours. A great example of an idea for hosts (and all of us!) to consider choosing, and having available. Your thought of bringing a case next time is awesome! 😀 Cheers! Gina


        Here’s another thought, Gina. We have a Sodastream and make our own seltzer at home. It’s a great way to cut down on packaging waste by making seltzer out of tap water. We do have really great tasting tap water here in Colorado, but adding fizzies to any water does make it taste better. Might be an idea for a post for you here on your PEACE site! Hugs to you and I hope you’re having a great weekend, dear friend! Cathy


          That is FANTASTIC! I love that you shared this here. Thank you so much Cathy. I’m definitely inspired to include that info in an upcoming post (as well as getting one myself!). Big hugs of gratitude for you my friend, Gina xo


    Thank you, Gina! It amazes me how holidays have become an excuse to take things to an extreme in spending or in this case drinking. I no longer drink having quit in my early 20s and luckily my closest friends and family party without alcohol for my benefit.


      That is fantastic that you are surrounded by supportive people. But I’m not surprised because ‘like attracts like’. 😉 I’m so glad you enjoyed this post Lois, and your comments are a treasure. Cheers! (tea cups gently clinking) Gina


    I have a friend who just loves non-alcoholic beer. And there are quite a few choices out there now, which is really good. What a great post, challenging us to think a little different. xx


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