PVC and Cabin Fever


The front yard icicles on the roofWell now that’s a rather odd title for my post today, but it’s the one that came to mind and stayed! Although the calendar now states that “it’s Spring!” one look outside my window tells me that Mother Nature has some catching up to do.

My husband had me hold the tape measure while he took some photographs of our three-foot-long icicle. Yes, we often have icicles, but rarely a 3-footer!

My gardening magazines have been collected and are being carried around. Sometimes they’re stacked on my bedside table, sometimes spread out in the living-room, and sometimes right here in my office… multiple magazines opened and flagged with ideas, notes and photos to set my imagination flying.

As April rapidly approaches and the mounds of snow still cover my yards, the restlessness increases and the gardening magazines are woefully lacking in actual dirt content. I want to be digging! Sigh. There will be none of that just yet, so I endeavor to ‘stay out of mischief’ with ongoing sorting, tidying, and preparations for the growing season. Here’s ways to use hardware store PVC tubing to get organized! So clever. Want to do this soon!

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    Love this post, Gina! We had our last ski weekend last week and now I’m ready for spring. I planted my tomato seeds yesterday and I’m excited to see them grow!


      Hi Cathy! How wonderful that you’ve got your tomato seeds started. Good for you! Yes bring on spring. Great new Gravatar image by the way, my friend. Cheers! Gina


    How neat & tidy, and clean, all your work spaces are. Your (pet) rock veggie markers are great!
    Enjoy the coming arrival of dirt-digging.


      You’re so sweet, but these are my ‘wish list ideas’ not my own spaces. I’ll include my name the way AshbeeDesign did on theirs, as I did for my ‘Organized Office Nook’ post. Aren’t those painted rocks fantastic? Thanks so much for commenting Laura! Peace, Gina


    Oh my those icicles are scary – in that cool kind of way. There absolutely would never be that much organization at Coral Cottage. My magazines have been carried all over the place too. I’ve even woken up in the morning with them still in the bed with me. I love all the garden pin ideas. Did you paint those river rocks? They are so charming. I hope you get some melting on those wicked icicles soon. xo K


      Ya we’re kind of loving the icicles. That middle one is thicker today, and the three adults who live here, all of us are starting to take turns being torn between the temptation to break them, and watching to see how big they keep getting. There’s no risk to a person walking under them luckily, just an area of rock garden. And those are my ‘wish list’ rocks. Aren’t they cool? An idea to help inspire some crafting now, while I wait for the gardening season. And I hear you on the not being able to be that organized, but I like to dream. The quote I’ve included as art always cracks me up. Milne nailed it! And the calligraphy seems to add to the comment perfectly. Cheers! G


    Gina, I too am going stir crazy waiting for spring. I’m sorry you are in the same boat with me. I had to chuckle when I saw your ideas here as I just completed a post on similar projects to use in the garden. Hope it warms up for you soon.


      Oh dear, well I do find some comfort in knowing there are others in this delayed-gardening boat! We can hang in through this late winter together. Thanks so much Lois. hugs, G


    Lovely post, interesting and creative ideas. Enjoyable read! Kind regards, Iris.