Icebound Fairies

Art by Ken Meyer Jr.

Art by Ken Meyer Jr.

And the shoveling continues. Okay folks, this is getting ridiculous. A few days ago I mentioned being a bit snowbound. But now? Check out these icicles contributing to my feelings of being icebound. Because there’s no danger to people, pets, or the house, we’re leaving them be and watching them grow. They’ve formed into a length of bars across our livingroom window! The ongoing delay of spring combined with relentlessly falling snow viewed beyond this jail-like view of icicles are all extremely challenging to maintaining my cheerfulness!

Icicles on the roofWhen the sun is out, these 3- and 4-foot swords of ice shine like light-sabers. The effect fills the house with light. Awesome! But today it’s just grey and snowing. A lot. Four more inches. Ten centimeters on top of what was still here.

Yes, snow is pretty as it’s falling but… oh to be gardening. The joy of being out there working in the soil, pulling back the winterkill, adding amendments, discovering delightful tips of bulbs and early perennials. Ah, soon! But not for a little while longer. For now I turn my love of plants towards the indoor ones. I’m delighted with my choice of three small plants to fill this old container we had kicking around. It used to hold one of my husband’s bonsai at work, but the plant unfortunately didn’t survive a vacation and the pot has been waiting for a new resident or two. I ended up finding three mini-plants: Amiens’ Crassula Hobbit, Fine Gold-Leaf Sedum, and Violet’s Creeping Thyme.

Icicles on the roofPrior to this whimsical garden, inspired by an old bonsai pot, I hadn’t been interested in the ‘fairy garden’ bandwagon because I don’t tend to enjoy hobbies that generate the purchasing and collecting of ‘things’. However I admit I did purchase one little bench. When I got home with my 3 mini-plants in their 2-inch pots, a small bag of soil, and the tiny bench, I eagerly got it all into its new home. So cute! I made room for my mini-garden on the window shelf above my desk.

I have never grown a terrarium before but I’m beginning to be curious about them. I’ve already been enamored for years about trough gardening with alpines and using small hardy succulents in dry, sunny spaces. My recent investigation into miniature gardens has bloomed into an enchantment with the idea of having a tiny door hidden here, a small pathway there. I’ve been delighted to discover many enthusiasts making their own faerie furniture and tiny houses, and showing the rest of us how to do it! I discussed this new diversion with my husband and showed images I’ve collected on Pinterest. He especially liked the idea of a hidden entrance. Something not so obvious as, say, a bright red faerie door. I agreed and this spring I’ll be building a small, somewhat disguised bark-like door to rest at the base of one of our large trees.

Such a fun idea! I look forward to placing some diminutive treasures such as these where they can be viewed from certain vantage points in the garden. I’ll see how the ideas evolve, and will share photos later this summer. But for now, I hope you’ll enjoy with me this collection of clever ideas, showing us how it’s done. May we all be inspired by these whimsical wonders.

Such a lovely, handmade twig fence and arbor! The bark-roofed stone faerie house in the second-last image is made using a big plastic bottle. See the detailed step-by-step how-to post at And for another excellent DIY tutorial on the lovely twig house in the first image, visit For more images like these see my Pinterest board here.

10 responses to Icebound Fairies


    Fun! Sorry to hear about the weather, though.


    Thanks for the bit of whimsy. I started with snow this morning as well but luckily nothing that required shoveling. I hoping since we’ve had to wait so long for Spring weather once it’s here — it will be perfect…sunny and warm.


      Colleen, your optimistic viewpoint is wonderfully uplifting. Thank you! I agree, let’s expect the best, that this Spring will be all the more lovely for having had to wait extra long for its arrival!


    Has the weather improved at all? It is finally starting to warm up here in Pennsylvania! Love your faerie garden ideas!


      Hello Joanne! Oh Lordie… it’s snowing again… still… and continues to challenge my natural cheerfulness. Luckily I’ve been keeping busy with indoor projects because I don’t even want to look at the windows! Those icicles? Ridiculously huge, like bars across the livingroom. SOoo… I dream of faerie gardens! Thanks so much for your comment Joanne. Cheers, Gina


    Snow is gone here, but I’ve darted out and covered all my tender plants as a freeze is coming tonight. I am sending warming thoughts. Love all these faery mossy magical moments. Your little garden creation is charming. I have two terrariums, one I planted about 3 years ago. I water it about twice a year, otherwise it is so happy for me to leave it alone. The other I found while walking in the woods on my property – nature made it in an old discarded jar, I was fascinated and brought it in for the winter and now it is a happy part of my decor. I look forward to seeing photos of your projects, if you ever get out from the snow. xo Kim


      My fingers are crossed for all your tender ‘babies’ out there. Ya there will be none of that (planting out) around here for another month so I’ll happily live vicariously through you and your gardens. That how cool is it that you found a natural terrarium! I love that so much. And that it survived coming home (and indoors) with you. Sounds like it was meant to be. Have you shared pics of it on your blog that I’ve missed? Sounds like a great post to me! hugs xo Gina

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