Go Outside

by Georgeta Blanaru

by Georgeta Blanaru

Living with long winters that dominate for half the year only makes the joys of springtime all the more blissful. May we all see the lessons and wisdom offered to us through Nature. She teaches us so much, and especially patience as the blooming will only happen in due time and not a moment sooner. Happy Earth Day! Enjoy April 22nd to honor the Earth. Let’s all make time to unplug, go outside, and find a true connection. 

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    Lovely images, Gina. After a long winter I am spending every possible moment outdoors myself. 🙂


      Yes I will be soon as well. I have some bulbs with tips a couple of inches out of the ground so we’re getting there! Thanks Lois. Cheers, Gina


    Happy Spring, Gina! We have trees blooming this week! So beautiful and welcome. I know yours are coming soon.


      Hi Cathy! I’m so happy to learn you have trees blooming… hopefully our area will mirror your spring soon! I’ve been spending time in my gardens, pulling away the old and discovering the new greening tips of many tough perennials. Imagine how tough to live under a foot or two of snow cover for months and then once it melts away, ta da! They come back. So encouraging! big hugs, Gina


    Lovely post Gina. I do so every day…xo


      Yes! Outside time nourishes the spirit for sure. I’d like to ask you Diane, what do you do to remain as tick-proof as possible when outdoors? If you have any tips or perhaps posts you’ve done that I missed, it will be greatly appreciated. I have a reader here looking for help. hugs, G


        Gina, I dress like a hazmat worker! Pants tucked inside tall socks, long sleeved shirt tail inside pants, and I use spray on clothing. 40% deet or a new one called Tick Defense both by REPEL, found in the camping dept. of Wal-Mart. Never spray on skin! Hope this helps, as ticks are terrible varmints!


          Thank you SO much! I agree: for the growing season I ‘gear up’ too. Lee Valley mosquito jacket with hood helps me go outside during the wet mosquito explosion in early summer. Great tips. Pants tucked in is especially smart. Yes let’s douse our clothing, not our skin. Thanks again my friend. xo


    Nice collage of nature photos and interesting write-up, Gina. Thanks for sharing. Love, Iris. 🙂


    Another wonderful post, Gina. I especially need it today. I am grappling with the reality of tick season (already I’ve been bitten twice and it isn’t even May). The past few years ticks have become so bad in my area that even being in the yard has become psychologically challenging. Lyme disease is threatening my soul-enhancing enjoyment of nature! Last year my whole family had it and the treatment is long bouts of antibiotics (I have Lyme PTSD!) Any thoughts on how I can calmly wrap my heart and mind around this? Help! 🙂


      My dear friend… I am sorry to hear this! Are you in the Maine area? Although I guess those nasty creatures live far and wide but in doing some research for you I saw that New England is hit hard. Up here I worry about West Nile Virus and last year wisely invested in some mosquito clothing (check LeeValley.com). But back to ticks! I googled ‘wordpress lyme’ and was astounded at how MANY blogs are on the topic. But then I searched on preventing Lyme (not that you haven’t done this 1000 times of course) and was pleased with this site: http://www.cdc.gov/features/lymedisease/
      I especially appreciated their closing section on helping make our landscaping not so tick-friendly. Even a bark mulch border between trees/shrubs and where WE spend our time can help. And wearing appropriate clothing can help but man… Who wants to wear LONG sleeves and pants all summer? And deet? Yuck. But I do apply it to my clothing especially on my pant cuffs, shoes, wrist areas and collars. And I usually wear a hat, and do shower when coming back in. As far as wrapping our heart around it, you know I cherish positive thinking. Rather than imagining and thinking about the beasties constantly perhaps we can say a prayer of protection, and imagine we are in an invisible bubble of safety when we go out to enjoy the beauty of nature. I wish I could help more! I am feeling motivated to do a post on how to stay safe while enjoying our time outdoors. Be well Eliza. hugs, G 🙂


        Wow, thank you SO much for all the time and care you put into this reply! I KNEW you would have some wisdom to share! 🙂 I agree with you on all points. I get hot enough in summer wearing shorts and tank tops. I would die in long sleeves and pants. I do the deet on clothing and hat, too.
        It always takes me a while to adjust my mind set every spring. My comment was written at a low point, bummed out and in resistance! (“Surrender, grasshopper.” ) 🙂 I love the idea of a ‘prayer of protection’ and envisioning a ‘bubble of safety’ when I go outside. That was what I was missing – thank you SO much! Bless!


    ‘Go outside’ spoke to me affirming all my beliefs on nature’s therapeutic healing power.
    Your Pinterest compilation is ‘eye candy’ of the most remarkable kind.
    Gina your post will bring joy to all who visit and conveys the message nature is a sacred place.
    Appreciation of nature is a silent prayer to something all powerful.
    This power will reward the ones who respect and are grateful for her gifts.


      Hello Jack! Apologies for my tardy reply here. I’ve been away but am back and shall remain in better contact! I too find the collection of photos gathered at Pinterest on the Beauty of Nature to be exceptional ‘eye candy’. Nature’s beauty soothes my soul. Thank you kindly for your greatly-appreciated visits and comments, my friend. You are a blessing. Hugs, Gina


    Refer to Eliza Waters comment,
    Ticks are widely spread along the East Coast of Australia.
    I try not to go into obvious tick infested areas.
    If I do I wear light coloured cloths as they are easier to see before they do any harm.
    There are repellents to spray or creams to bub on.
    As soon as get home I check my body before they have had time to dig in.
    I do not seem to be allergic or have caught them early the, worst I have had is a swelling that took days to go.
    They are like mosquitoes, hard to see any reason for them but I am sure there is.
    Kind regards Jack.


      How nice to pass this along to Eliza! I hope she signed up for the comment stream notification, but regardless your tips are still helpful. And I agree… hard to see a reason for them, but I hope birds and bats are making tasty meals of them (well, flying mosquitos… I wonder what eats ticks? Ground beetles perhaps!) Cheers, Gina


        Nature will have some purpose for them.
        Everything fits into a complex web of interconnection.
        Thanks for getting back and with your acknowledgement.