Barrier Planter Boxes

2015-04-11 — 10 Comments
Art by Kiril Stanchev

Art by Kiril Stanchev

As soon as the weather warms, I find I spend more time outdoors than indoors. Whether I’m grilling my homegrown veggies on the BBQ or relaxing with an iced tea and listening to the birds, my backyard patio is a sanctuary to me.

One unfortunate fact is that I live on a corner, and a roadway passes my patio. Sure there’s a six-foot wooden fence, but other than visually there’s no real barrier. That is why this spring I am endeavoring to build a narrow raised garden bed in front of the fence that borders the road.

raised garden barrierPLAN FOR THE WORST – EXPECT THE BEST! Motivational speaker Denis Waitley gave us a gem with this catch-phrase, and it’s something worth remembering. While I’m an optimist, I do feel safer when I contemplate the worst-case scenario – and plan for it.

When we first moved into this home and I felt uncomfortable on the patio, I wondered why. Soon I understood. Every time a car turned the corner and sped down the road beside my fence, I held my breath. Apparently some of my neighbors are frequently in a hurry, and their roaring of engines and scattering of gravel was not conducive to my relaxation in this backyard space.

raised plant beds bench LG blurHowever, a solid barrier can make all the difference. Not able to invest in the cost of removing our six-foot wooden fence and replacing it with concrete or mason blocks, I have opted for another option. Raised garden beds!

I made them in the back corner for growing vegetables, so why not build them against the roadway fence as additional security? People spin out… roads get icy in winter… all kinds of things can cause drivers to lose control and drive through a fence. But a raised garden bed can certainly hamper a vehicle’s momentum. And THAT is a fact that helps me feel more relaxed when enjoying time with friends and family on our patio.

So if you have an alley or roadway that travels past your patio or deck, why not consider a narrow raised bed… maybe even with a built-in bench? We gain peace of mind when we refuse to worry of a wayward car coming through a flimsy fence. With a dirt-filled raised garden along the fence, we add beauty, security, and peace.

Link for artwork in image. 2 pics from Pinterest.

10 responses to Barrier Planter Boxes


    That is a very good idea. I had a friend who had a truck crash into his house on a very quiet street in a neighborhood. I like that you have found a way to create your own little world.


      Your friend’s unfortunate event is certainly what I hope to avoid. Yes, I like to try and create a little oasis. What a lovely comment. Thanks so much Ginene!


    What a great idea! ❤
    Diana xo


    Great idea, even if there were no cars to worry about!


    Gina, I think that is a great idea!. I too live on a corner lot but I have a double lot which means the yard which is on the corner was supposed to have a house on it but at one point it was bought to keep a home from being built there and give this property more outdoor space. My house sits back from the street and of course there is the yard on the other side which protects my house from any accident by vehicles. I hope you find peace of mind on your patio when your planters are in place.


    Love the idea of raised beds! Around here, some of my neighbours grow vegetables in raised beds, a great way to save their backs. Alas, my own thumb is far from green. 😉
    I’m glad Diana sent me here today!

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