A Groundhog Day Appearance

2017-02-02 — 9 Comments
Groundhog or Marmot

The groundhog belongs to the family of large ground squirrels known as marmots. From my Pinterest ROCKIES.

This is a good day to poke my head up above the surface and look around. My digs have been spruced up, cleaned out, and renamed. The winter air is crisp and cold but the sun is shining and I feel renewed. Here’s to fresh starts!

This little blog of mine has been around for a while. Five years now, but it has languished under my inattention. I tried to figure out whether to delete it, revamp it, or whatever, but the decisions proved too much and I kept ignoring it.

Now I’m back, bringing unexpected inspiration from my frequent spot in the world of social media: Pinterest. My own collection of over 30,000 images (or Pins) on over a hundred boards is where I enjoy collecting, thinking, and learning.

Les Stroud

Les Stroud, Survivorman

Of all those boards, a true fave of mine is called WILDERNESS SURVIVAL. Interestingly enough, this particular board with my hundreds of carefully selected pins, appears to be attractive to many others as well because it’s received the most visits and follows.

In trying to figure out what I really wanted to do with this, my WordPress site, I realized that I want to share what means so much to me: living safety in the far north, bordered by the majestic and unforgiving Rocky Mountains. Where I live temps plummet way below freezing, and stay that way for months at a time.

For twenty years I have been watching Les Stroud, a highly respected wilderness survivalist who has a TV show called Survivorman. Dropped in very remote places and left alone for a week with minimal items plus the 50 pounds of camera gear for filming himself enduring the experience while teaching viewers what and what not to do if found in something like his predicament.

His shows are honest, and real. He tells the truth about how hard some things really are. Years ago I bit my nails watching him spend hours, and go through all his bootlaces, trying to get a spark to ignite from a hand powered bow drill.

alone_logoI’m also an avid viewer of History’s ALONE. Years ago I saw the first ads: set on northern Vancouver Island, ten survivalists vying to be the last one for a huge prize? Sign me up! Well, for recording it anyways. Now in season three, it’s in Patagonia. Very different from Stroud’s show but I like it nonetheless, for the most part. Their editing bugs me sometimes but what can you do?

So there you go. As soon as I can get my new cell-camera to communicate with my desktop (platforms not compatible… unlike my old phone I’d just plug in and upload? I don’t know. Hubby is the tech guy. I’m the wild camping chick!) then I’ll be posting lots. Sharing my camping trips into the mountains, learning about fishing, how I pack my vehicle for safe journeys, along with my ongoing gardening adventures in this harsh landscape, making a cozy home, and cooking great meals for my big men (hubs and sons). More posts to come. I’m baaack. Happy Groundhog Day from this wee burrower, sticking her head above the surface at last. Cheers!

9 responses to A Groundhog Day Appearance

    strokedtolife 2017-02-02 at 4:20 pm

    Welcome back! You have been missed!


    Happy you have returned, looking forward to future posts. 🙂


    Hi Gina – what a lovely gift to see that you are in blog land again. The photos you have around your blog – the spoons the stairway – the chicks all speak to my heart. The surviving in the wilderness not so much. Isn’t it wonderful to have this internet thing to put people together with similar and not so much – interests – uncommon bonds. I’ve always enjoyed your blogs in the past and I look forward to following along. xo kim


      Hello Kim! What a kind comment, and I really appreciate the sentiment of accepting and even encouraging another person’s ideas even if we do not share them ourselves. An admirable trait, and far too rare. Thank you! And your Coral Cottage is more gorgeous than ever (yes, construction included). Here’s to more visiting! xo Gina


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