Old Valentines Memories

Art by Marion Rose

These vintage Valentines sure take me back. How I loved it when my mom came home from the store with that February purchase: a thin box filled with a vast variety of silly cards. Images of a billy goat, a choo-choo train, a steaming kettle… which one would I give to whom?

The first few favorites were easy to pull out and name for my closest classmates. Plus one for teacher. One for my mom and one for my dad. Then I’d resort to simply copying names from the class list to the remaining cards, occasionally worrying an odd kid I avoided might get the wrong idea when getting a card from me saying I’d ‘choo-choo-chose you’!

Ah, childhood. The things I worried about then. How I miss those simple things now. So here is today’s nostalgic trip down memory lane, brought to you by this snowy, housebound camper! Cheers




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